13 Healthy Chicken Recipes That’ll Make Dinner A Breeze

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with chicken. While it’s an easy, go-to choice for dinner, when was the last time you really devoured a chicken dish you made? 

After all, simple, baked chicken has become synonymous with joyless, dry dieting, and anything else — we’re looking at you coq au vin — seems much too rich, complicated and time consuming for our daily repertoire. 

But it turns out there are some easy and healthy shortcuts on chicken’s road to flavor town. As the 13 healthy recipes below show, chicken just needs a generous dose of flavors like citrus, balsamic or basil to unlock all its delicious glory.

So watch out meal plan, these recipes are coming for you — and they’ll have everyone at the table licking their plates and asking for seconds.

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