Jennifer Garner channeled inner Ina Garten with ‘Pretend Cooking Show’

This video testifies that Jennifer Garner may be “the worlds largest” relatable personality ever. The actress and mother-of-three established what she called a “pretend” cooking show that she posted to social media in the mode of everyone’s favorite kitchen icon, Ina Garten.

In a two-and-a-half-minute video posted to her Facebook and Instagram account on Dec. 20, the Alias actress talks to spectators while she substantiates building the celebrity chef’s honey white bread recipe, planes the dough into bread beings for her kids, and even pours about her desire for the Barefoot Contessa( hard same ).

“Here’s what I love about this lettuce — you can do anything with it. My momma constructed bread boys for my sisters and me when we were little and they were our favorite things ever, ” she says while moving her little men. “These could not be less perfect but my kids will love them! ”

The sugared little video, in which she includes her own tips about soak and dry ingredients, received more than 52,000 the perspectives and been shared 3,900 days within two days. Even Garner’s comment section is a glad neighbourhood to be. “I love you, stay a wonderful because you are, ” wrote Sandy Micheletti.

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