This Woman Asked Her Mom For Recipe, Regretted It Immediately

Recipes. Useful things aren’t they? Exact measures and ingredients give a consistent result, often based on years of experience for the tastiest possible dish.

Try telling that to this Newfoundland mom. She knows that consistency is overrated, she prefers the old fashioned methods, passed down through the generations. These methods need you to feel the bake, no fancy schmancy written directions and pictures, this is pure judgement based on the innate knowledge of the ancestors!

Watching this kind of old-school knowledge getting passed on over Twitter, folksy Newfoundland colloquialisms aplenty included, is pretty hilarious. Twitter user Krista D. Ball decided to share her conversation with Newfoundland mom for us all to see, based on the phone call they had. Could you bake a successful homemade bread from this description?

By the end it’s pretty clear that this is something that needs to be done in person, this kind of knowledge based on feeling and judgement just does not translate well over the phone. It does make for entertaining reading however. Scroll down below to check out the convo, read it out in your head in your best ‘newfie’ accent!

This is Krista Ball, she wanted to learn how to make “Homemade bread”, something she grew up with in Newfoundland

Image credits: Krista D. Ball

Apparently, it is a real delicacy and none of the kids know how to make it anymore

Image credits: petlover

So she decided to ask her mom for a recipe

Here’s what she got

People could relate only too well to this kind of situation

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