What To Bring To Friendsgiving If You Don’t Know The First Thing About Cooking

Thanksgiving is the ideal holiday for people who actually know their way around a kitchen. The vacations are essentially a dragged out humble-brag for wholesome girls who “love to cook” and “just wanted to share their brand-new banana eat recipe with my best friend they love most !! ”.

Cut to me: a gal who sinks dead on the other end of the spectrum. One day I tried to make a Vietnamese spring roll that simply involved me to buy some noodles and veggies and roll them up into a single rice paper sheet–couldn’t even do that. So, you get where I’m at in terms of cooking for others. I am, hence, taking the liberty of crowning myself an expert in NOT cooking, which constructs me the perfect person to share ideas on what to bring to Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner if you don’t know how to cook. And no, I’m not just going to tell you to go to the storage and pick up a pumpkin pie–that’s amateur hour.

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